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Our Jack P. Nix Lunchroom staff provides a friendly environment with a goal to teach children healthy eating habits. We strive to offer healthy foods and encourage students to try a variety of other foods on the menu.

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Robbie Walden, Lunchroom Manager

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White County School Nutrition

Charge Procedure

Breakfast is served at no cost to all White County students. Lunch costs $1.90 for elementary school students and $2.05 for middle / high school students. Families are encouraged to apply for free or reduced price lunch. Application forms are sent home to every student’s family prior to the beginning of the school year, given to families upon enrolling a student any time throughout the school year, and mailed to families with outstanding charges periodically throughout the school year. Application forms are also available for download on the White County School Nutrition website in English and Spanish.

Lunch may be paid for daily, weekly, or monthly. We encourage families to prepay for their students’ lunches. Payments can be made online using a debit card, credit card, or electronic check, at www.ezschoolpay.com. Payments can also be made by check or cash at all schools and at the Central Office. Any check or cash payment received by a School Nutrition employee is immediately given to the cafeteria manager or cashier and is immediately placed in the cash register drawer or another locked, secure place.

If necessary, a lunch may be charged. All charges must be paid as soon as possible. Families are notified of charges weekly by charge letters from the schools and by phone calls / e-mails / text messages from the School Nutrition Office. Students will be allowed to continue eating regular meals in the cafeteria, but the charges will remain on the student’s lunch account until they are paid. White County School Nutrition is prohibited by law from writing off or absorbing unpaid meal charges. We do not allow any students with a negative balance to charge for a la carte items or extra items.

Middle School: At the end of each grading period, a charge letter will be sent home with the report card if charges are due.

NGA / High School: Students have a two charge limit. If a third lunch charge occurs, students will have a conference with the cafeteria manager or principal. Outstanding lunchroom balances must be paid prior to purchasing a parking pass for the current year.

This charge procedure is provided in writing to all families via student handbooks and the White County School Nutrition website.